Posterscope Singapore

Mondelēz Oreo Thins Lemon

Modelled on an actual arcade claw machine, Oreo brought the fun back with the new Oreo Thins Lemon on OOH sites in Singapore.

Following a successful launch for Oreo Thins in 2016, Mondelēz wanted to achieve even greater success in 2017 and challenged Posterscope Singapore and Carat to launch their newest flavour Oreo Thins Lemon with a record-breaking innovative campaign.

The challenge was to create a unique, face-to-face brand experience. Posterscope worked with Clear Channel to realise the concept which was to intertwine an old school funfair arcade game (a claw crane) with the traditional OOH medium – and create a new idea to attract, engage and connect with consumers.

Crowds at the bus shelter (located in front of Bugis Street) could break away from the mundane wait or mindless swiping on their mobile phones and take a chance with a hands-on game to win some Oreo Thins Lemon cookies.

As well as it being a fun and engaging way for consumers to enjoy the Oreo Thins product, the campaign, which was part of a fully-integrated media campaign, also generated plenty of buzz on social media and within press titles.