Mobility steady as people make more plans outdoors

(w/e 26th March 2021)

Headline Stats

  • National Mobility: 64 %
  • National Mobility is approximately 14 percentage points more than during the first lockdown
  • Urban Mobility: 64%
  • England Mobility: 66%
  • Wales Mobility: 46%
  • Scotland Mobility: 72%

Mobility Data is from our partner, Three. It is based off a pre-lockdown baseline of 100.

Weekly UK Mobility Index Change

Mobility steady as people make more plans outdoors


PSMIND, Posterscope’s AI tool, analyses multiple data sources to predict audience mobility trends  as we move out of lockdown.

The 12th April marks the second stage of easing of lockdown restrictions, where non-essential retail and outdoor hospitality can open. Around this time, audience mobility is predicted to be around 77%.

(PSMIND data, figures are based on a pre-lockdown baseline in January 2020 of 100)


The IPA’s recent Touchpoints report highlighted significant decreases in “Near Me” searches on mobile during the UK’s lockdowns, showing a clear link that functional internet is driven by people being out of home, and their direct link to the physical world, especially in their local area.

In the last week alone as restrictions start to ease and people venture out, “Near Me” searches have increased by 10% from a Google Trends benchmark of 61 (during the period of 14th – 20th March) to 67 last week (21st – 27th March).

(Source: Google Trends “Near Me” UK Searches Jan 2020 – March 27th 2021).


The direct link between functional internet and the OOH space, in addition to the steady rise in mobility, demonstrates more people are planning on going out far more in the near future.

As we await the 12th April with the next set of restrictions lifted, better weather and more people taking up the vaccine, we expect to see OOH to continue to take a strong upward trend as a reach-driving platform for when many businesses return.