Mobility remains stable at 68 as the UK preps for pre-Christmas rush (we 27th November 2020)

3rd December

Last week (week ending 27th November) mobility increased 1 percentage point to 68 mobility, according to data from our mobile partner Three, versus the pre lockdown baseline of 100, as the nation continues to abide by the lockdown regulations.

Mobility in England increased by +0.34 to 68, with a similar increase of +0.37 in Scotland to achieve 76.1 mobility. Mobility in Wales increased by +0.2 points as the country emerges from its stringent lockdown restrictions, resulting in 49.3 mobility.  The low mobility in Wales has the effect of reducing the overall national average.

The chart below shows the weekly (and 4-weekly average) mobility index from March to date, showcasing the effect of the latest restrictions, and also how this compares to mobility during the first lockdown in March.

Mobility levels at a regional level have seen uniform minor increases, with average mobility increases of around 0.33 in all regions.

London saw a minor increase of 0.27 points to deliver 58 mobility, with the most significant changes in Lambeth (+0.5%), Waltham Forest (+0.3%) and Haringey (+0.3%).  Outer London locations are reporting mobility levels of 69, one point higher than the national average, while Inner London locations stand at 51 mobility.

As the final week of lockdown comes to a close, we look ahead to the forthcoming new tier restrictions. Stricter regulations are planned for Tier 3 locations, however Tier 2 and Tier 1 locations, covering 59% of the population, face less stringent measures than previous Tier restrictions.

Previously, we observed the Tier restrictions having only a minor effect on mobility with the areas entering new tier restrictions experiencing only a 1.6 decrease in mobility. With shops permitted to open 24 hours in the run up to Christmas and through January, we expect to see a significant surge in mobility in the coming weeks.

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