Mobility on the up as OOH welcomes consumers back

(w/e 9th April)

Headline Stats

  • National Mobility: 67.6 %
  • National Mobility is approximately 18 percentage points more than during the first lockdown
  • Urban Mobility: 67.4%
  • England Mobility: 69.55%
  • Wales Mobility: 48.6%
  • Scotland Mobility: 76.9%

Mobility Data is from our partner, Three. It is based off a pre-lockdown baseline of 100.

Weekly UK Mobility Index Change

Mobility on the up as OOH welcomes consumers back 


PSMIND, Posterscope’s AI tool, analyses multiple data sources to predict audience mobility trends  as we move out of lockdown.

Now the second stage of lockdown has been eased, mobility is set to see significant increases. On the third stage of restrictions lifting on 17th May, mobility is predicted to be up to 74%.

(PSMIND data, figures are based on a pre-lockdown baseline in January 2020 of 100)



Stella Artois have used OOH to promote their great initiative to support bar staff as pub gardens reopen this week- every pint purchased will contribute to tips! Killing 2 birds with 1 stone, Heineken have opened their own BARbers, where you can get your hair cut while enjoying a pint in one of their pub gardens. And after a year at home in leggings, pyjamas and tracksuit bottoms, VERY are celebrating us getting back in our jeans and out and about!


Throughout the pandemic, OOH remained a vital platform to bring key messaging to the public and as restrictions lift it continues to be a big reaching medium for brands.

As the promise of summer and ‘normality’ draws nearer, advertisers should look to cement OOH plans in anticipation of full lockdown restrictions easing.

Our understanding of audience mobility, combined with assurances in booking policies and DOOH’s flexibility, means brands are able to secure their OOH planning with confidence.