Mini celebrates 60 years with bespoke billboards for drivers

November 2019

Mini Australia is marking its 60th anniversary with a digital out of home campaign that displays bespoke messages for its customers.

The campaign uses number plate recognition technology to identify Mini cars passing by and tailors a message for the driver.

The push draws from the fact that 75% of new Mini owners choose to name and personalise their car.

The collaboration, between Mini, Posterscope, Vizeum and QMS, is running across the eastern seaboard until December 7.

“We wanted to celebrate the owners who are passionate about their MINI, in a unique and personalised way,” says Verity Goold, client leader for Mini at Vizeum Australia.

“It’s really exciting to work with MINI to deliver a customised campaign that encourages growth by celebrating and creating meaningful connections with their best customers.”

Via Media