Posterscope Turkey

Mastercard Happy Mondays

To promote the everyday use of Mastercard and increase the adoption of the contactless card system in Kocaeli (the most important city in the Marmara region) at transport hubs and while doing the daily shopping, Posterscope Turkey created a large-scale multi-format OOH plan.  The campaign included 40 bus backs, 10 branded bagel cars dispensing thousands of free bagels, CLPS and billboards on the main arterial roads. In addition to traditional formats, to generate engagement and word-of-mouth among the key target audience, two of the bus shelters incorporated an interactive element.  The shelters, located in the most populated pedestrian areas, dispensed free gifts of neck pillows and earphones to bus users when they used Mastercards contactless card system available from the Mastercard branded Vending Machines.  As an additional appealing element, free bus travel was included twice a day every Monday.