Lockdown 3.0 begins, but mobility increases

(w/e 8th January 2021)

Headline Stats

  • National Mobility: 61.5% (up 3.8 percentage points week on week)
  • National Mobility is approximately 11.5 percentage points more than during the first lockdown
  • Urban Mobility: 62.5% (up 3.6 percentage points week on week)
  • England Mobility: 63.3% (up 3.9 percentage points week on week)
  • Wales Mobility: 44.1% (up 2.73 percentage points week on week)
  • Scotland Mobility: 69.9% (up 4.5 percentage points week on week)

Mobility Data is from our partner, Three. It is based off a pre-lockdown baseline of 100.

Weekly UK Mobility Index Change

Despite a third round of lockdown restrictions, mobility across the whole of the UK is up 3.8 percentage points week on week

Area Analysis

Last week (week ending 8th January) London saw  an increase of +3.35  to 53.6% mobility, with major increases in Bromley, Merton and Harrow (+5.0, +4.3, +4.3 respectively).

Outer London locations saw mobility increases of +4 to 63.3, 2 points above the national average, while Inner London boroughs saw smaller but still significant increases of +2.8 to reside at 45.9, showing the ‘Polo Mint’ effect that we’ve seen in many cities throughout the pandemic.

London Boroughs with the highest workplace density such as the City of London, Westminster and Camden are seeing the lowest mobility increases (+1.6).

Whereas London Boroughs with more cars such as Bromley, Hillingdon and Barnet are experiencing dramatic increases in outdoor mobility (+4.2), indicating a rapid return of driving audiences.

What this means for brands and clients

With vaccines predicted to be rolling out at 2 million doses a week in the near future and the UK approval of a 3rd vaccine type, we are seeing optimism in the market returning, meaning now is a pivotal moment for brands in sowing the seeds for their future success.

Audiences are still there- they’re just in different places. With OOH offering 1.4 billion fortnightly roadside impacts to reach them, OOH remains a core part of media plans in a changing world.