Last Week’s UK Mobility Index (w/e 8th August 2020) was 76.3

13th August 2020

Overall UK mobility has stabilised over the last few weeks…showing a healthy 76.3% (w/e 8th August), up 0.3 versus the previous week, according to data from our mobile partner Three, versus the pre lockdown baseline of 100.

However, within this we are seeing some insightful nuggets emerge.  For example, whilst London is the only region to be below the 75% of normal mobility level, at 63%, if you subtract central London and some areas of West London from the data, mobility increases from 62.99 to 67.88. This strongly reflects the increase in localised behaviour as many people are yet to return to their places of work within the capital, and instead remain working, shopping and socialising, from in and around their homes.   Among London firms, although three quarters have welcomed staff back to the office, the numbers to date have been small with the expectation that many people will continue working from home until September/October.

Mobility levels across London and the entire country are expected to show further increases when schools reopen in September for the new school year

Interestingly, some of the local areas that have seen restrictions reintroduced, such as Manchester and Rochdale, were actually slightly ahead of the UK average in terms of increased mobility week on week.  And, for the Northwest TV area as a whole, we are seeing above average mobility of 78.44%.  Whilst, of the largest UK towns and cities, Luton, and Derby, both of which have been scrutinised for potential re-introduction of lockdown restrictions, had the highest week on week increase in mobility.

The chart below shows the weekly index vs. the 4-weekly moving average; recent data shows a narrowing between the two lines, indicative of a slowing rate of increase in mobility as the boost to mobility from the first stages of loosening lockdown peters out, and we are yet to see freedoms and behaviours back to normal. Since May however, mobility has increased by 18 percentage points.

From an OOH perspective, the 18-percentage point increase since May has led to hundreds of millions of additional fortnightly impacts coming back to the market. As OOH impacts continue to increase in line with mobility, this is an ideal time to reach those moving more around the UK.