Last Week’ UK Mobility Index was 67.24

June 2020

Last week’s (w/e 5th June) Mobility Index was 67.24, up from 66.9 last week, versus the pre-Covid baseline of 100, according to data from our mobile partner Three UK.  So overall UK mobility is now just over 67% of ‘normal’ and still increasing. Last week we saw how a continuation in warm weather and people taking longer trips outside of their neighbourhood seemed to have been the underlying causes of the continued increase in movement. In the latest data, we have seen how the steady increase in movement was suppressed by a downward change in the weather and the minimal effect of the anticipated but muted return of nursery (where schools have them), reception, year 1 and year 6 primary school pupils.

Overall, in the UK, there has been minimal changes on an area by area basis i.e. some areas were up slightly, however the adjoining areas were down, resulting in a minimal net gain. That said, movement is still much higher than a few weeks ago with many more people taking very localised trips and of the 24 conurbations measured, 23 have experienced an increase. Until a further relaxation of restrictions, including mass openings of physical retail areas and offices, we are unlikely to see major shifts in movement.

Some of those relaxations are on the horizon, and if they coincide with good weather, we will see some interesting shifts in movement behaviour. Taking Ireland as example, people have been heading to cities, towns and villages across the country as thousands of businesses re-open for the first time in weeks. Upwards of 100,000 people visited Dublin, on the first day of phase 2 of the road map to re-open the economy.

As per the previous week (w/e 29th May) despite small changes in people’s movement there remains value in OOH to reach people. Even the small increase seen, has overall added around half a million weekly impacts across just digital six sheets nationally!

Small shifts can cause big changes and we are looking at every data point we can to analyse what those changes are and anticipate what they will be. From an OOH perspective we have seen small changes in movement bring big changes and unlock hidden value for certain areas. We know much bigger changes are due in the next few weeks and we will continue to help clients understand and unlock the emerging areas of OOH value.