Last Week’s UK Mobility Index (w/c 11th May 2020)

19th May 2020

Since the recent government announcements regarding the next phase of lockdown, we have all started to see anecdotal examples of the changes in people’s movements and behaviours, versus the ‘steady state’ of lockdown that we have witnessed over previous weeks. To help provide a headline picture of the return of audiences into the broader OOH space, we are going to publish a weekly ‘mobility index’ vs. a pre-Covid baseline of 100.  Last week’s mobility index was 64.6, which is 10% up on the week before – so overall UK mobility is at just under 65% of ‘normal’ and people are moving around 10% more than they did the week before.  Obviously, there are many, many geographic and environmental nuances within this, which we can explore with interested parties.

To achieve this, we have collaborated with one of our telecoms data partners, Three Mobile, to analyse every postcode sector up and down the country in order to gain a barometer of peoples’ movement, by understanding the journeys they are taking to supermarkets, retail areas or trips on major roads – providing Posterscope with the most detailed understanding of mobility in the UK.

Furthermore, the advantage of using first-party telecoms data is that it enables Posterscope to robustly segment by key buying demographics and with no ‘lag’ time, which is not the case with many SDK mobile derived approaches – ensuring our finger is on the pulse of UK’s growing movement patterns as lockdown measures begin to ease.