Invest in OOH with Confidence

11th May 2020

Whilst we await more detail on yesterday’s government announcement, regarding a conditional and phased relaxation of some lockdown measures, it does begin to articulate what could be some important milestones in the increasing return of audiences into the OOH space. Notably, selected returns to work and the lifting of restrictions on outdoor exercise, with immediate effect, through to the reopening of schools, for some years, from as early as the beginning of next month.

Of course, the distribution of these audiences will vary significantly by geography, environment and time however, Posterscope has taken the opportunity to outline a simple 4-point manifesto in order to give advertisers confidence to re-invest in the medium.

1) Audiences

Posterscope runs a location DMP which sources data from over 30 different areas, including telecoms companies, behavioural data from mobile apps, including social and shopping, spend profiling, and gives us detailed demographic information from cluster analysis. All of this data allows us to understand best what people think, feel and do, by location, and in turn inform optimal OOH planning.

We will use these insights to estimate anticipated audience delivery for any plans in discussion, on a brief by brief basis.

2) Pricing

Posterscope also maintain a pricing database, ECOS Marketplace, which is the most comprehensive in the industry, containing over 15 years or granular OOH buying data. This allows us to calculate robust benchmarks for any given buying scenario.

We will negotiate a price that is consistent with both current and anticipated audience delivery and historic market value.

3) Confidence

Of course, the dynamic nature of the current crisis means that ‘actual’ campaign delivery may vary versus the anticipated delivery, due to new and developing audience factors e.g. a heightening infection rate which requires re-imposition of stricter lock down measures.

We will qualify value delivery using actual audience data, i.e. for the relevant time period, using our ECOS DMP, and reconcile this with each seller to agree the amount of any owed value. Subsequently we will agree a plan to recoup the value at a time to suit the advertiser.

4) Cancellation

As market leader in OOH with considerable buying power and influence, we have been able to negotiate preferential cancellation terms which otherwise would carry a significant cost penalty,

Special cancellation terms which, in general, allow cancellation without any penalty, up to 14 days before the campaign start date. Currently valid for any bookings up until the end of August.