HUN Wine launch a tongue-in-cheek outdoor campaign in the middle of lockdown

11th May 2020

British summers mean many things to many different people but for a huge swathe of the public, music festivals are the epitomy of a perfect summer weekend. Whether that involves navigating your way through a muddy field, squeezing yourself to the front of the crowd, or flopping down onto the warm grass for a refreshing drink.

For wine-in-a-can brand HUN, their summer plans were similar and the brand had planned to be the exclusive partner at several festivals over the summer. In light of the current and ongoing lockdown however, the brand has successfully pivoted their messaging, and their choice of media.

Created by TBWA\London, the tongue-in-cheek outdoor campaign acknowledges the questionable decision to run advertising on billboards and digital poster boards that not many people will see.

The copy-led imagery features humorous comments like, ‘Did you see our new advertising campaign? No, didn’t think so’ and ‘Our advertising agency put our poster out here. They’re not our advertising agency anymore.’ The work is launching alongside a digital campaign that is offering free wine to people who have had their birthdays, weddings and anniversaries during lockdown.

Launching a new product is difficult at the best of times, but for HUN, designed for sociable, outdoor large gatherings, the timing feels particularly tough. However, this campaign demonstrates the strength in investing in a new approach. For consumers missing their wine bars, pubs and festivals right now, they can still enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine at home. The consumer landscape may have changed but consumption has not. This ad demonstrates the power of marketing investment in a crisis.

Granted, many of us will have seen these ads on social media rather than outdoor, but the ripple effect and rise in brand awareness remains. A reminder that sometimes all you need is a clever pivot and a little bit of dry humour.

Via: Creative Brief