Posterscope publishes 2021 Predictions for OOH planning in a post-pandemic world

January 2021

Each week, readers of The Drum, from brands, agencies and everything in between, give their advice on real problems facing today’s marketing practitioners. This week, they made their case for persuading clients to keep communicating to consumers during the pandemic crisis.

With a historic economic crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s no surprise to hear that many advertisers have pulled back spend over the last 12 months. Once again it’s up to those in the advertising industry to sing for their supper and make the case to clients to keep spending, keep talking and keep advertising their wares.

Glen Wilson, Group Managing Director of Posterscope, shared his view on how OOH still remains a crucial element on a client’s media plan.

The long-received wisdom is that its potentially easier and more cost effective to capture market share in times of downturn. With new ‘full lockdown’ measures introduced, it would be easy to discount the use of OOH, but I would argue that for some sectors OOH is a really good place to capture that share.

Audiences have not disappeared, in absolute terms – our mobility index shows people were 61.5.% as mobile last week as pre-coronavirus, and as audiences have re-distributed more locally, mobility in some areas is actually higher than pre-coronavirus. With two-thirds of people also feeling a heightened affinity to their local areas, OOH enables brands to effectively build emotional connections, using “dynamic digital” to deliver messaging with the local context.

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