How do you make OOH relevant again?

May 2021

Gill Huber, Chief Client Officer, speaks to The Drum on how OOH can maintain relevance post-pandemic.

Each week, The Drum asks its readers – from brands, agencies and everything in between – for their advice on real problems facing today’s marketing practitioners.

With spend going digital in a big way last year, OOH was left on the shelf.  Still, the pandemic saw campaigns with huge cut-through built specifically for the medium, such as the ‘#MyHeroes‘ campaign.

With economies in the UK and US opening up again, we expect custom to return – even if the OOH industry itself has to adapt to demographic shifts.

So as brands consider OOH again, how can they ensure their work makes the best use of the channel?

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The last year has seen a big shift in population mobility as people changed the when, where and frequency of going out, spending more time working, shopping and entertaining in their local communities. With this mobility set to remain changeable, flexibility, agility and relevance will be key ingredients for brands planning advertising campaigns. Picking the best time, place and message will be a powerful tool, and OOH is well placed to meet these needs.

Digital OOH’s ability to target specific regions, towns or locations, and audiences based on specific moments of relevance – all at speed and scale – makes it the only medium that can reach people in such a public, yet personal, way. 2021 will be the year brands finally use digital out of home to its full potential.

Gill Huber, Chief Client Officer, Posterscope