Harry Potter Used 51 Times Square Ads to Create One Immersive Theater

Visiting Times Square at night can be a pretty overwhelming experience, in part because of the visual chaos of so many massive digital ads vying for your attention.

But would it be even more overwhelming if all the ads came together to tell one immersive story?

The producers of Broadway’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, in partnership with entertainment advertising agency AKA NYC, recently put that to the test with a Times Square takeover that used 51 towering screens to promote the play’s expansion to new international markets and reveal its new tagline: “Sometimes, Darkness Comes From Unexpected Places.”

Thanks to a new video recapping the one-time performance in September, those who weren’t on hand can now see how it all came together.

The project required the cooperation of eight digital display companies, creating a nearly 360-degree panorama of moving visuals. As attendees watched, a timer counted down to reveal Harry Potter, but the bright and golden imagery was soon clouded into darkness as dementors arrive and herald the ominous return of the Death Eaters via the play’s time-traveling plotlines.

The crowd included 50 “Wizarding World influencers” and the show’s broadcast cast. Sarah Jessica Parker was on hand to introduce the event.

Developed and produced by AKA, the Times Square takeover covered a massive four-block stretch from 43rd to 47th streets.

Via: AdWeek