Haresh Nayak, Regional Director, Posterscope Asia Pacific Group MD, talks to Exchange4Media on his experiences and thoughts for the future as he celebrates 10 years with Posterscope India.

Nayak currently heads operations under the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) umbrella for Posterscope (OOH), Brandscope (OOH), Ambient OOH, Hyperspace (Retail), InDeed (CSR Advisory) and C-LAB (Celebrity & Sports Management).

On the 10-year journey;  Nayak joined the company on 25 August 2008. “When I joined Posterscope India, Ashish Bhasin and I weren’t even aware of how things would be. The journey was little rough at the start during the 2008 global financial crisis, but the journey has been remarkable and it’s largely due to the kind of people we have and my mentor- Ashish Bhasin,” Nayak shared.

He further added, “In 2009, we launched Hyperspace and later in 2013, we launched InDeed services. Today, we have services across retail, ambient, out of home, sports, celebrity management, CSR and smart city solutions. The latest entrant would be digital out of home as a separate service within the Posterscope Group Network.”

The two values that I really imbibed during this journey is being agile and constantly reinventing yourself. I think as a company we made a brand relevant for the industry, for the clients and our media partners. We started Posterscope India with 11 people and today we have 180 people on board. The company is continuously growing on an average of 30-40 percent year on year for last ten years.”

Challenges in the OOH space; Nayak believes that there are quite a few challenges that agencies face such as, data, numbers and accuracy. The larger issue that the industry is facing today is professionalism as there are no trade barriers, unlike television and print. He mentioned, “We need larger players and investment into the domain which will bring professionalism, quality, and analytical capabilities.”

“We started an initiative way back in 2014 and in 2016 where we cracked the entire piece on how to bring in ROI and data into the industry. We are little ahead of our competitors when it comes to this subject. Today we have global software and tools which can tell you where your target audience is, what they are searching for and what kind of media options you need to take,” shared Nayak.

Out-of-home is one of the oldest mediums and Nayak thinks that the industry has great scope to evolve and grow. “Yes we started with out-of-home advertising, but today we position ourselves as location-based marketing specialists. Because the moment I became a location-based expert the horizon actually broadened. In Asia, where the market is growing between 7-10 per cent, globally, the industry is growing at 2-3 percent. I think we are in a much better space when it comes to the medium. In 2013, we bought Milestone, that itself talks about our group’s belief in the medium.”

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