“Grubhub Rolls into Town”

Chicago, IL serves as the homebase for Grubhub Inc. The app has revolutionized how people order food, by making it as easy as a click of a few buttons within the app. To keep the brand top of mind, and in a big way, giant Sushi Rolls were fabricated and installed on top of a busy subway entrance located at the corner of Chicago & State; a famed Chicago intersection. The fabrication included lifelike sushi grass, 19’ chopsticks suspended in air and five 300lb robotic sushi rolls that rotated like a spinning wheel. Collectively, all the fabricated props created a larger than life experience that caught the eyes of celebrities, chefs, athletes and consumers alike. The activation was the center of the Snapchat and Instagram universe with hundreds of social media photos and mentions using the #SushiSelfie hashtag.

The activation was such a success, it is now a permanent fixture in this area of Chicago for the entire 2018 calendar year. A great example of OOH being a driver of other media channels and making a unique and memorable connection with consumers.