To help drive footfall and increase sales of Coca-Cola, Posterscope Spain developed a convergent, location based strategy using OOH, DOOH and MOOH (Mobile out of Home),

OOH to increase awareness and drive people into bars; Mobile to activate the consumption of Coca-Cola in these venues & DOOH to identify that audience and their “music moments”.

ECOS was used to select the best OOH/ DOOH formats to impact people near to bars and activate the dynamic content with the right message at the right time.

Finally a bespoke geo-fencing algorithm in conjunction with Shazam was  used to select the most appropriate  “music moments” to the audience entering the venues. This ensured that we connected with the audience in the most impactful and meaningful way possible.

Results were phenomenal; + 500 millions targeted impacts to drive traffic to bars/+ 2 million users impacted inside the bars and thanks to our granular strategy +147% CTR on Shazam.