Doritos drops logo to reach a generation that rejects ads

Snack giant Doritos has launched an ad campaign which features no logo or brand name, to attract a younger, advertising-averse generation – reports CNBC. The new ad campaign features plain bags and has been launched with a 60-second “Anti-Ad” on YouTube. On Monday the brand tweeted: “the chip’s so iconic … we don’t need to name it.”

According to the WSJ ‘Doritos is the latest brand trying to reach a new generation of young consumers who have grown up on ad-free digital content and are eager to escape corporate pitches.

The ad campaign also fits in within a broader trend in marketing in which brands need to appear to be less promotional and embrace new means of reaching consumers, the newspaper said. According to Rachel Ferninando, senior vice-president of marketing “There’s a desire to almost reject traditional advertising.”

Via: PR Examples