Denstu OOH Japan wins the Jetski Grandprix Prize for their 2018 Redbull Music Festival Campaign

The aim of the campaign was to create a new”Music release zone” in places beyoned anyones imagination.

To do this they turned the “JR Yamanote Line” one of the largest  in the world in terms of passenger numbers, into a “Live” venue line with a special “Music Train” equipped with sound systems and DJ’s who performed across the day as the train was in service.s

The special music train left Osaki Station which stopped at and ran through – Shibuya stations, Harajuku stations, Ikebukuro stations, and Akihabara stations, a total length of 34.5km for about 62 minutes.

This event proved very popular with passengers who shared their experiences via social media. For example Licaxxx, who was one of the participating artists, received 6000 positive reviews on Twitter.