Carat USA & Posterscope have worked with Crown Royal whisky to execute Diageo’s first ever Dynamic Digital Out of Home campaign in the US.

The campaign uses the Liveposter platform to deliver real-time, real-world data content to digital screens across multiple OOH formats and markets across the US..

The campaign, which lasts for 7 weeks, enables the brand to elevate its association with 6 key teams; New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys and excite fans in the build-up to gameday. The campaign will include a live countdown to each team’s next game, and a reminder to stock-up on Crown Royal 1-2 days before the game.

The activity ramps up on game-day itself with a pre-game “Water Break” hydration message.

The most exciting thing about the campaign is the ability to plug directly into the NFL’s live scores API and push these scores to the Digital OOH screens in each market, in real-time, and in turn give something back to fans who were unable to make it to the game. The post-game creative is dependent on the team winning (“Celebrating a Win…”) or losing (“Get Home Safely…”), adding another data trigger to an already complex campaign.