Covid 19: Emerging Themes

8th April 2020

As we are in our third week of lockdown, we are managing the cross over of home and work life, with constant videocalls and homeschooling.  People and brands are adjusting to how we communicate and engage with each other, and below are some of the emerging themes we have seen develop over the last few weeks.#NowNearNext

Saying Thank You – There have been many examples of brands and businesses showing support and thanks for our NHS and key workers. It is at times like this that you realise who is important and who makes a real difference to our lives.  Brands are acknowledging what people are doing to keep us going, the commitment they are giving and the sacrifices they are making.  And are using their advertising space to thank them.

Giving back – Brands who are also giving something back and providing some comfort and relief to those key workers are only going to become more important.  We know from the special edition of the Edelman Trust Barometer that brands’ actions during the Coronavirus pandemic will have an impact on future purchasing behaviour for consumers.

Bringing the outdoors in – the longer we are in lockdown the more we want to see the new and the different.  Yet, despite being stuck in the four walls of your home, the ability to ‘escape and explore’ is still possible.  Now more than ever, we are exploring the world virtually, and businesses are opening their doors to the public in this way.  Google Earth have launched virtual tours of 31 of the world’s most incredible national parks, you can take a virtual day-trip to a museum, and theatres are streaming plays.  All brought to you while on your sofa.

Local, local, local – as our physical world shrinks, what is happening on your doorstep becomes more important. Providing information, advice and support for the local community is wanted by all and likely to continue for some time.

Working within the now – brands are engaging with people in different ways in order to adjust to how we are now living. Demonstrating that understanding, while providing something people find useful, means that brands that can educate and entertain during this situation will inevitably be seen more favourably.