Covid 19: Practical FAQs

8th April 2020

As the situation develops, we want to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we have been receiving, and explain how the current situation may impact OOH in the near future.


Can I get a campaign away within Q2?
Yes, but not in every period, nor on every format within every environment. Roadside and some rail formats will not be posted in April to guarantee the safety of billposters during the coming weeks. However, opportunities still exist nationally, especially on digital formats, so please just get in touch for more specific details.
If I book now, can I move/ cancel if the crisis continues?
In the majority of cases, yes. Until 31st May, extended cancellation terms and conditions apply with many media owners in order to aid advertisers who are committed to the medium. After this time, we will see media owners revert back to the normal terms and conditions, but common sense will always prevail, and should this crisis last longer than hoped, we will of course continue to have upscale conversations with the relevant parties.