Coke goes big with COVID social distancing in Times Square

March 2020

The spot was created with Mercado McCann in Argentina.

The CPG giant is using its iconic billboard in Times Square, New York City, to spread health advice amid COVID-19.

(Limited) people who walk into the heart of Manhattan will see Coke’s name with extended spaces between letters in a satisfying play of autology. The work was created in partnership with Mercado McCann in Argentina.

Coke has made a number of changes to its operations since the coronavirus outbreak.

Last week, the company said it has gone to extreme measures to protect the safety of its staff and customers by implementing steps which include additional cleaning and sanitization routines and restricting visitors to its facilities.

In some locations, delivery drivers do not leave their trucks, reducing person-to-person interactions. Some manufacturing plants have implemented split shifts to avoid shift-to-shift contact.

Part of the statement reads: “In line with recommendations to reduce large gatherings and increase social distancing, The Coca-Cola Company has asked the majority of office-based employees to work remotely. This includes employees based at the company’s global headquarters in Atlanta, with about 6,500 employees. The company intends to return to normal operations on April 13 in Atlanta but will continue to reevaluate its plans.”

Meanwhile, The Coca-Cola Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Coke, have made contributions to support relief efforts in China, Italy, the United States and Canada. The foundation is reviewing additional opportunities to support other communities around the world. Foundation grants so far total $20.5 million.

Via: Campaign