Posterscope Spain

Coca-Cola Blessed Bars

Posterscope Spain was challenged to drive footfall to bars and increase Coca-Cola purchase. Their response was to develop a convergent location-based strategy using OOH, DOOH and MOOH (Mobile out of Home).  OOH’s role was to increase awareness and drive traffic to the bars whilst mobile was used to encourage Coca-Cola consumption when at the bar.

Posterscope employed a data-driven strategy using their end-to-end planning platform ECOS to select the best OOH & DOOH formats. This reached people in proximity to bar areas, and activated dynamic content to be relevant with the right message in the right moment.

In the bars, the strategy evolved to include ‘music moments” which was recognised as an ideal way to connect with the audience and complement the OOH activity.  Posterscope developed a mobile geo-targeting activation with Shazam, dominating all the music moments in the most crowded bar areas, engaging people with the campaign.  Furthermore, within these bars Posterscope also provided free Wi-Fi service courtesy of Coke.