Posterscope Thailand

Chevrolet MYLINK

Chevrolet launched its all new Captiva with its MYLINK entertainment centre, which is designed to make today’s “connected life” easier when travelling by car. MYLINK enables smartphone owners to connect their devices, enabling selected apps and features to be displayed on the built-in touch-screen display.

Posterscope Thailand was challenged to promote the Captiva and integrated MYLINK system to the target audience (professional couple aged 30-49, living in the greater Bangkok area, who spend a lot of time commuting and in traffic) showcasing how this state-of-the-art technology would enhance their lives.

Posterscope’s strategy was to deliver a customised experience that used OOH to demonstrate how drivers can make the most of their time when stuck in traffic, by being connected and in effect turning their ‘downtime’ into positive ‘uptime’. Giant digital billboards located in Bangkok’s heavy traffic landmarks displayed creative messaging, asking commuters for advice and tips on how best to use time stuck in traffic…therefore turning it into ‘Uptime’. The responses were posted onto Chevrolet’s Facebook page using #LINKMYLIFE or #LIKEMYLINK and the best tips and responses were then streamed on to the digital billboards. Commuters and people local to the sites were encouraged to respond to these in a positive way.