Centrepoint Launches the ‘We Will be Heard’ Campaign

December 2019
This week Centrepoint are launching their campaign ‘We will be heard’ and hashtag #the22000 showcasing murals and stencils painted around London by some excellent street artists. The campaign aims to raise greater awareness of Centrepoint but more importantly #the22000 16-24 year olds facing being homeless this Christmas.
Last week the team took to the streets of London and painted powerful protest imagery developed by street artists, inspired by the real stories of the young people who have suffered with homelessness. These murals in Leak Street Arches, Southbank Skate Park, Gaskin Street, Mile End Skate Park, Hackney Wick Canal, around Shoreditch are hopefully still around but not for long as they are likely to get painted on again. If you can get out, pay a visit and take pictures you should. But if they’re gone, that’s ok, because the art and message will live on and grow through our social campaign which is picking up speed.
#the22000 need your help! The social campaign is aiming to create a swell of support online, driving people to sign a ‘handraiser’ declaring that no young person should ever have to choose between sleeping in a stairwell, on a bus or in a stranger’s bed. And that the UK government must take action to end youth homelessness for good.