PML Ireland

Cadbury Dairy Milk “A Special and a Half”

Posterscope’s Irish agency PML, was tasked to illustrate the fact that every bar of Dairy Milk contains a glass and a half of fresh milk, in a fresh and creative way. PML’s innovation and design+ teams created the concept that OOH formats were not large enough to hold the full amount of milk that goes into a Daily Milk bar and applied this across different OOH applications. PML created an Augmented Reality Digital dPod campaign across Dublin’s major shopping mall network. By filming footage in the malls prior to campaign and merging this footage with effects created by their Design+ team, they made the milk flow through the corridors of the malls. In an OOH first, they created a brand-new format by combining the 96 Sheet (the full) with the 48 Sheet (the half) on Talbot Street in Dublin. The creative was then designed specifically for the ‘L144 Sheet’ – a case of the medium becoming the message. Parallel 6 Sheets were bought and creative specifically designed for them to show milk flowing from one poster to another. Finally, Ireland’s largest ever ’spangely’ billboard executions were created to emphasise the flow and movement of the glass and a half of milk. 3,600 individual shimmering discs were used on the Terenure 96 Sheet alone.