Cabify creates the first programmatic campaign in OOH with real-time business data from Posterscope and Clear Channel.

March 2020

The campaign was live in Madrid from February 5 to 12 and was broadcast on the Play Live Urban Furniture circuit in Madrid.

The launch of this live content experience was carried out thanks to a pioneering technical integration that analyzes more than 1000 variables and connects in real time with the Cabify application.

Cabify, the Spanish mobility company made 50 bus shelters available to users throughout the city of Madrid with the aim of promoting smart mobility and helping the decision between the different transport alternatives of the application taking into account the context, the availability of vehicles in real time, as well as the needs of the citizen. This campaign was born from Posterscope and Clear Channel.

Cabify reinforces its commitment to putting the user at the center and that its service, through multi-mobility, responds to its needs. For example, if there is sun and more than 15 degrees, the user will be able to see in the mupis how many scooters surround him to reach his destination enjoying the sun. However, if the forecast is for rain you will be able to see the VTC vehicles or taxis available to avoid getting wet during your journey. Among the various moments of recommendation, the possible activation of the high pollution protocol is also contemplated and reminds you that there are alternatives such as motorcycles or electric scooters that do not have a carbon footprint.

The launch of this live experience has been carried out thanks to a pioneering technical integration that analyzes more than 1000 variables per point determining whether the content should be displayed based on its two parameters: sufficient concentration of vehicles (cars, motorcycles or scooters) or that there is a contextual event that advises the user on the best way to get around the capital. Thus, it is possible to create a smart content platform capable of advising the best mobility option at all times.

On a technical level, a connection has been developed between the real-time data of the mobility options available in the Cabify app: VTC, taxi, scooters and MOVO motorcycles. The objective of the campaign is to facilitate and improve the mobility of users depending on the context, temperature or contamination depending on the customer’s location, offering a service based on sustainable mobility that addresses the user’s needs.

“We are happy to contribute to more efficient, more inclusive mobility thanks to technology and responding to the demand of citizens with a multimodal offering that allows users to keep up with the city. In addition to facilitating the use of our service, we hope you enjoy during the journey, for example, with MOVO taking advantage of a sunny day, with Cabify so as not to get cold on the winter days or on pollution days helping the environment of our cities. For this reason we have taken this innovation to the streets, ”explained the Global Head of Media & Creative of Cabify, Daniel Rodrigo