Betsson wanted to give football fans a fun and creative way to show support for their team leading up to the premier of Allsvenskan whilst at the same time competing for a large prixe that would be paid out to the supporters of the winning team.

To break through, something out of the ordinary was needed. Something unexpected and joyful to stay true to the brand promise “Anytime’s playtime”. A game maybe? We decided to give fans of Allsvenskann control over 52 digital out of home units in the heart of Stockholm. This way they could paint the city in their colors without using spray cans or stickers. When first visiting the Show Your Colours website, fans had to register an account and choose their favourite team in Allsvenskan. And then the games began.

Their mission was to locate a DOOH site, walk within 10 meters of it and simply change the color of the flag and the message using the website. The more sites you got, the bigger your reward got. But the grand prize was a collective one…

The supporters of the winning team got 30 000 kr for a big tifo. This really got people going. Using football podcasts, banners, print ads in football magazine and of course the signs themselves to amplify the initiative, Show You Colours was soon shared in various supporter forums.