Becks Soundpils

November 2019

Since 1516, German breweries have to produce Pils beer according to the world’s oldest food law, the purity law – with hop, malt and water only.

We wanted to challenge this and added a new ingredient without changing the recipe: the beer drinkers themselves!

Beck’s involved its fans in the making of a new beer. With an interactive outdoor experience and by applying popular science (“plants grow better when you talk to them”) to hop. We installed loud speakers in the world’s biggest hop field, connecting them to a mobile recording booth that was placed in popular Berlin night out areas.

In that way, people talked in an around-the-clock live-stunt to a Beck’s key ingredient. Together with malt and yeast, the harvested hop was then turned into a limited-edition with new taste – thanks to the many Berlin people who infused it with their stories, songs and laughs.

Via: Ads of the World