Posterscope Australia

Australia post Geo targeted DOOH

Posterscope Australia delivered a dynamic, geo-targeted digital out-of-home mapping campaign to promote Australia Post’s parcel collection service, allowing consumers at around 550 out-of-home locations across Australia to geo-locate their closest parcel locker and retrieve maps and directions – an Australian digital-out-of-home first.

The campaign used a combination of above- the-line and digital channels to deliver the correct messaging at the right time and locations. The missing piece was the geo-targeting. The Liveposter technology was the solution to this challenge, enabling the digital campaign to be seamlessly delivered across multiple networks and media owners, and use a range of available data sources to optimise the communication across the day or week. The campaign enabled consumers to geo-locate the closest parcel collection points and retrieve maps/directions for each location.

The campaign attributed to an overall increase in MyPost sign ups (10% above forecast) and also an increase in parcel deliveries. Year-on-year Australia Post experienced a 29% increase in active parcel locker address customers and parcels delivered per delivery point for parcel locker addresses.