AR you ready for the future?

March 2021

By Claire Kimber, Group Innovation Director

Having recently chaired a panel discussion with some of the brightest minds in the AR (Augmented Reality) space (Dominic Collins, CEO and Founder of Darabase/Simon Barker, Partner, Freeths/Catherine Morgan, Director of Ocean Labs Ocean Outdoor/Will Scougal, Global Director, Creative Strategy, Snap) for the Ad Association inspiration series Front Foot, it’s clear to all of us the innovation business that AR is the next frontier for OOH. But before we go any further, let’s just clear a couple of things up: the AR we’re talking about is not VR. It doesn’t need a headset – it simply needs a trigger (a poster) and for someone to have a mobile handset (pretty much everyone).

So just what is AR? Well, it’s very simply the concept of augmenting physical realities with digital layers, primarily via a smartphone. And in terms of its uses, well they are largely infinite: from gaming to utility and wayfinding, communication to entertainment, medicine to logistics… augmented reality is now not even a new technology – in fact it has officially been removed from Gartner’s Hype Cycle due to the fact that it has matured so rapidly that it is no longer considered an “emerging technology” anymore.

And this immersive economy is evolving at pace. Being forged primarily by three core growth drivers:

  1. Hardware… the latest iPhone comes fitted with a LiDAR scanner which means real world depth sensing that takes AR to the next level… plus the battle for AR wearable (headsets and glasses) supremacy has already begun driven by Apple, Google, Facebook to name but a few
  2. The rollout of 5G, and the transformational real-time processing of vast amounts of data that comes with it
  3. And finally growing consumer expectation, and what becomes a business-critical requirement for any marketer

And within this evolution, the Out of Home space becomes a fundamental access point to experiencing AR in public and outdoor spaces, or what we call location-based AR. OOH after all, is physical infrastructure that exist in the daily lives of consumers… therefore it becomes a canvas that we can creatively augment in myriad ways.

This new layer of OOH is ripe for experimentation and creative playfulness… and is a space that requires expertise to navigate (creatively, and from a legal perspective). At Posterscope, we are plugged in and ready to augment our physical landscapes.

AR you ready?

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