Agung Prihambodo

Chief Executive Officer, Posterscope Indonesia

Agung Prihambodo, CEO, Posterscope Indonesia, has over 20 years of expert marketing and project management experience as well as experience working in creative agencies. Agung joined Posterscope Indonesia in its early days (2012) where his role, in addition to running the company and generating new business, also involved product development and first-to-market OOH measurement. Having a data analytics background ̶̶ Agung worked for many years in a Big Data Analytics firm, with a focus on data integration ̶̶ Agung and his team now focus on turning data into actionable strategy combined with measurement in Indonesia’s most complex advertising medium. Within the OOH industry Agung is passionate about data, design, technology developments, measurement, and delivery of strategic goals to deliver positive business outcomes.