Coke Zero Unveils a Drinkable Billboard

During the NCAA Men’s Final Four competition, Coke Zero and Ogilvy & Mather unveiled a drinkable billboard filled with soft drink to cater for thirsty basketball fans.
Situated in White River State Park in Indianapolis, the 23,000-pound structure features a massive 4,500-foot straw that spells out “Taste It”, with the soft drink travelling from the bottom of the billboard to a sampling area filled with six fountain spouts.
Pushing all that liquid through the tube is no easy task; the billboard uses over 75 valves, four high-pressure pumps, and 16 sensors to get the soda flowing smoothly with the help of compressed air.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]pTaP63EGkNA[/youtube]
Source: Design Taxi