Clever Nivea campaign to help promote sunblock to kids

The battle to apply sunblock to kids will be a familiar one for most parents. So, to help young children understand why it’s necessary, FCB Brasil has come up with a clever stunt for Nivea, using UV-sensitive dolls which turn pink under the sun’s rays…
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]StvAe98BfwY[/youtube]
As the film above shows, the Nivea Dolls were given out on popular beaches in Brazil, and offered an engaging way to get kids to understand why all that gloopy cream is required.
The campaign follows last year’s Protection Ad from Nivea (also by FCB Brasil), a print ad that featured a tear-off bracelet which could be worn by kids and connected to an app so parents could track where they were on the beach. The work picked up the Mobile Grand Prix at last year’s Cannes Lions.
The Nivea Doll seems set to be another jury pleaser, but, while a great idea, as far as we know it is just a PR stunt, with the dolls made available only to those who chanced upon the giveaways rather than being a product that parents can actually buy. Perhaps this doesn’t matter – maybe the idea that is spread through the film is enough – but, with ad agencies increasingly creating limited edition products for brands, but not actually bringing them to market, is there a risk that consumers (not to mention awards juries) will begin to feel a bit duped?
If the idea even reaches the general public at all: for while they might be lauded at festivals like Cannes, there is a risk that stunts such as these remain within the echo chamber of the industry, and are created largely for awards success. Which seems a shame all round when they are as good this.
Source: Creative Review