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The Qube Community host quiz night for Whitfield St Soup Kitchen

Last night,  Posterscope, alongside MKTG and PSI, came together to hold a quiz night to raise funds for the local Whitfield St Soup Kitchen, who need £30,000 for an on-site mental health worker.

Team Inventure– a group of 5 Westminster Business School students who were being mentored by MKTG to run an initiative to combat food waste with a 5 Ingredients Challenge– exceeded their £3,000 target and presented a cheque for £3,505, to the Soup Kitchen.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts and donations, we are a third of the way to our target!

To find out more about the Soup Kitchen initiative, please visit: httpss://

Subway's #LiveFeed donates meals to those in need in real time

Subway donated 13.3 million meals to charities around the world as a result of its global campaign to fight global hunger on World Sandwich Day.
The Subway Live Feed campaign, which was created by J Walter Thompson Sydney, ran in 60 countries globally and saw sales at the 40,000 contributing restaurants increase by up to 20%.
Subway partnered with local hunger-relief charities for the global real-time, data-led campaign which saw a meal donated to charity for every Sub purchased on World Sandwich Day on 3 November.
The campaign tracked the donated meals in real time through the Subway Live Feed digital ticker, which drew data from Subway’s point-of-sale devices to create both a global and country-specific live tally of the meals Subway was donating.
The tally was also displayed on individual country microsites, digital banners and outdoor billboards around the world, including 42nd street in New York City. Social media and PR were also used to drive awareness, along with staff engagement, influencer marketing and local area promotion.

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Banks's Beer transforms disused building into a giant advent calendar

Banks’s Beer, the Marston’s-owned brand, is turning a disused building into a giant Advent calendar.
Each of the 25 windows will feature Christmas-themed graffiti design and commentary, revealing “the things we’re all thinking, but don’t dare to say”.
“Tells Christmas like it is” will be in Wolverhampton, the home of Marston’s, and aims to engage a younger audience. It has been created by Martin Gillan at Big Al’s Creative Emporium.
Gaynor Green, marketing manager at Marston’s, said: “While Banks’s remains proud of its rich heritage, our focus has been to give the brand a new lease of life by appealing to a fresh audience.
“Throughout the past year, the ‘Tells it like it is’ campaign has gone from strength to strength in capturing the brand’s modern and ambitious stance, and this latest instalment takes the idea to new heights.”

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Spotify wrap up 2017 with "2018 goals" campaign

Spotify is wrapping up 2017 with its biggest marketing campaign of the year that builds upon last year’s “Thanks, 2016… it’s been weird”.

The brand once again puts a humorous twist on user data to open a window into pop culture. Featuring 70 artists including Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, the ads will run in 18 markets and include straplines such as “2018 goals: Be as loving as the person who put 48 Ed Sheeran songs on their ‘I Love Gingers’ playlist”. The work was created in-house by Spotify’s brand and creative team.
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Public are challenged to push a button located high up for a bar of chocolate

JCDecaux teamed up with Pergale Chocolate, McCann Vilnius and Initiative Open Agency to bring some fun to the streets of Vilnius. The goal was very simple: push the button and get a bar of Pergale chocolate. The catch? The button was located REALLY high!
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Sports Experts reward those who take the extra step with discounts

To celebrate 50 years, the Sports Experts installed a thermal imaging device at a train station in Montreal, with the steepest set of stairs.
The public were encouraged to take the stairs as opposed to the escalators, and the device measured how much they much body heat they had generated afterwards, printing a discount voucher of the amount to be redeemed at a Sports Experts store.
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Marie Keating Foundation launch coughing billboard for Lung Cancer awareness month

The Marie Keating Foundation has teamed up with DDFH&B to launch its first ever coughing billboard.
Designed to raise awareness of about the dangers of lung cancer, the specially-built outdoor piece includes an audio instalment that immediately grabs the attention of passers-by with a coughing sound. The billboard displays a seemingly innocent statement, but when you look closely at the typography, the letters reveal a serious message: ‘I had cancer’.
The outdoor billboard is part of wider campaign, ‘Listen to Your Lungs’, which coincides with Lung Cancer Awareness month this November. The campaign aims to encourage people to take notice of persistent chesty coughs and get them checked by their GP, as this could be a warning sign of the disease.
In addition to the outdoor billboard, DDFH&B is launching the campaign on radio, online, and across social. Across each platform, the mention of cancer is deliberately obscured to hammer home the message that the disease could be hiding behind a cough.
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Porsche surprised coffee drinkers at a cafe with something to really wake them up

Recently, a coffee shop in Carson, Calif., began offering customers a mysterious new beverage called E-Jolt, telling them it was so “incredibly powerful,” they’d have to sign a waiver before ordering.
“Waivers for coffee is the hip new thing,” explains a bearded hipster barista in the clip below.
Folks who put pen to paper were whisked outside to sample the product, and they were in for a wild ride. Their hearts raced and they sped around in circles, though this particular hidden-camera stunt wasn’t really selling coffee at all.

Who needs java to rev you up when you’ve got the 680-horsepower Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, which goes from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds? It leaves those Starbucks holiday cups in the dust!

Rides took place at the Porsche Experience Center, about two miles from the coffee shop, and the whole scenario was designed to “shake up perceptions of hybrid technology,” Marshall Ross, creative chief at Cramer-Krasselt, the agency behind the stunt, tells AdFreak.
“Hybrid engines are considered ‘good’ technology thanks to their ecological benefits,” Ross says, “but they’re not known for much else. No one thinks hybrids are fun or exhilarating. And those two notions are central to the Porsche brand. The way this car adds a mind-blowing element to what is normally a fairly dull driver experience made us think about what a jolt of caffeine does. It creates a buzz, opens your eyes, wakes you up.”
The cafe channels the vibe of old commercials set in fancy restaurants, where brands such as Folgers would secretly replace fresh-brewed coffee with instant. Here, Porsche adds a high-octane twist: “We’ve secretly replaced their coffee with a car,” Ross says.
C-K and Porsche have teamed up for inventive work before, including magazine ads featuring holograms and other novel technology. “Innovation is a core brand attribute we want to amplify in communications,” Ross says. “So, we’re always looking for ways to behave innovatively, rather than simply talk about innovations.”
For E-Jolt, the challenge was “to create a situation that would give people a smile because how we demonstrated the car felt fresh and surprising,” he says. “While the hologram may look more ‘techy,’ this was pretty technical from a camera point of view. This was true hidden-camera. The responses were real. There were a ton of cameras to hide to make this work.”
That realism factor actually made C-K “a little nervous” going into the two-day shoot, Ross says, because “the entire success of this project hinged on people taking the plunge,” and the team worried that the adrenalized sales pitch and waiver might dissuade too many folks from ordering. “But nearly everyone did [order an E-Jolt]. The only ones that didn’t either weren’t feeling well, or were creatures of habit.”
In fact, one guy “opted for a baby quiche instead of a ride in a 680-horsepower sports car,” Ross says. “Hope the quiche was good.”
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Marie Curie to set up Christmas tree powered by 'memories'

The terminal illness charity, Marie Curie, is creating a ‘memory-powered’ Christmas tree that will be located in front of the London Eye on the Southbank between 4th and 17th December.
The fairy lights on the tree will be powered by people sharing their memories on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #LightUpXmas. The more people who post using the hashtag, the brighter the lights will shine.
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Chick-fil-A's 'Rivalry Restaurant' brings together two rival teams for biggest game of the season

To unite a community entrenched in a 125-year-old football rivalry, Chick-fil-A introduced ‘Rivalry Restaurant,’ a one-of-a-kind modular restaurant experience. Carefully placed at the border of both West Point, Georgia and Lanett, Alabama, Georgia Bulldogs and Auburn Tigers fans gathered together to celebrate the ‘Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry’ game, and enjoy some Chick-fil-A.
To underscore the unique history and heritage of the rivalry, fans lined up separately on their respective sides of the state line. They met at the serving window to receive a meal of Chick-fil-A together, emphasizing the coming together of communities.
The restaurant exterior featured a custom mural celebrating the clash with illustrations of the beloved team mascots, Uga and Aubie. In addition to free Chick-fil-A food, the event featured entertainment, visits with former Auburn and Georgia players, and outdoor game viewing party.
The ‘Rivalry Restaurant’ launch was supported by posts to Twitter and Facebook, Instagram stories, and a Snapchat filter, and OOH was supported through a sign on state line teasing event to build excitement among local towns.
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