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KLM connects passing airport travellers by translating languages in real time

Airports are crowded with people from different backgrounds. For Christmas 2017, KLM brought them together with Connecting Seats. Two seats were placed in a departures lounge and  translated every language in real time, so people with different cultures, world views and languages could understand each other.
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Decathlon offers customers good health for the New Year with 'sportable' gift wrap

This Christmas, instead of just wishing loved ones good health for 2018, Decathlon allowed customers to actually offer good health by developing a totally reusable gift wrap. Made out of the same microfiber fabric as their Nabaiji sports towels and a ribbon with the same elastic material as their Domyos resistance band, recipients of the wrapped present could make use of the ‘gift wrap’ all year.
Merry Christmas and a sportive New Year!
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EasyJet creates in-flight grottos with Captain Claus

EasyJet is launching in-flight grottos on more than 100 flights to give customers a festive surprise.

Santa Claus will meet children on the flight and hand out gifts.
The campaign is supported by an online film which captures reactions of passengers as Captain Claus appears from the cockpit.
The work has been created by VCCP and PR agency Taylor Herring.
Tina Milton, head of cabin crew at easyJet, said: “We fly millions of people home or on holiday over the Christmas period and we want to get the festive feeling started on board.
“We have hired the world’s most famous pilot to fly on over 100 selected flights and give over 20,000 passengers an incredible surprise.”

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Burger King France gifts loyal customer his own restaurant

Sullyvan is one of Burger King France’s most loyal and socially active customers. He frequently visits the Burger King Bordeaux Mérignac outlet, and has posted the most comments on the brand’s Facebook page (637 so far).
To thank him, the brand decided to offer him the biggest gift they could imagine: his own Burger King restaurant. It took 35 workmen and more than one kilometre of material to wrap it in one night.
Inside the restaurant, which is entitled “Home of Sullyvan K.”, everything was changed. He has his own parking spot, his own golden tray, his own table and even his own Whopper packaging. More importantly, he now gets to eat for free at his Burger King for a whole year.
From 19 December, the individual who writes the most comments under Sullyvan’s video will win one year of free Burger King meals. The stunt has already proven popular; there were more than 40,000 comments a few hours after launching.
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Via: Marketing Week create experiment to show that money can't buy experiences

Can you put a price on your experiences? Travel website decided to remind us by offering people a (fictional) choice: your memories or a whole lot of money.
In a stunt by the brand, volunteers were asked to take part in a “scientific experiment” and hooked up to brain activity measurement equipment. They were asked to recall a treasured memory about a trip they’d taken. Then, they were asked if they would allow the coordinator to delete that memory, in return for a hefty cash fee. The answer is a unanimous “no.” “What are we without our memories?” asks one guy quite reasonably after recalling an amazing trip to Macchu Pichu.
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Pizza Express launches pizza making party to reunite long lost friends

Would you recognise a friend you’d not seen in 50 years? At a surprise-filled pizza making party, Pizza Express reunited some long lost friends and their reactions were heart-warming.
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Speeding train is turned into escape room experience for Murder on the Orient Express

Escape rooms have become old hat, but once in a while you see a spin on the approach that makes them worth mentioning again.
This is one. Inspired by the 20th Century Fox film Murder on the Orient Express, based on Agatha Christie’s classic novel, Finnish Railways tapped TBWA Helsinki to produce the longest escape room in the world.
Also … it moves.
The “Escape Train” will travel 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) over 13 hours. The plot follows thus: A mysterious death has occurred aboard the train. Which player can identify the killer among them?

“We are a partner of Nordisk Film, the distributor of the film in Finland, and we saw a unique opportunity here to utilize the partnership by bringing it to life,” explains marketing manager Outi Lahtinen of Finnish Railways.
It’s certainly more imaginative than that one time a company used its partnership with The Martian, also a Fox film, to sell potatoes. Though we admired the latter’s weirdness.
“Solving puzzles is an essential part of escape rooms, and that is why this seemed like a good fit,” Lahtinen goes on. “At the same time, this in an opportunity to delight movie buffs and escape room fans.”
The game was designed and built by InsideOut Escape Games, an escape room game pioneer in Finland. Challenges and puzzles will be movie-inspired, with two train carriages reserved exclusively for execution, but over a dozen cabins will be available for players to explore over its 13-hour run.
Online, people will also be able to watch the action as it happens.
“This is a rare opportunity to build a whole new type of game—it taking place on an actual train, with other passengers on board, adds a lot to the dynamics of an escape room experience,” says InsideOut’s Ágnes Kaszás. “To my knowledge, it is the longest-running game ever made, and we are very excited to be able to design it in the spirit of the new hit movie. It’s a dream come true, both for us and the players!”
Players will be recruited in an online promotion and will form two teams, each of which will be led by a celebrity captain, writer Katleena Kortesuo and actor Riku Nieminen.
The game kicks off Dec. 13—that’s tomorrow!—and will travel across the country, from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland.
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Volvo calls on Thor to turn on an outdoor ad with real lightening

Volvo in Thailand has created a reference to Swedish god Thor in its latest campaign for its hybrid car, building an outdoor ad that was turned on by real lightening.
Volvo Car Thailand and GreynJ United wanted to create a campaign that showed how electric cars can generate power while leaving zero emissions, and used the outdoor element as the central theme to a wider social media and digital campaign around #PurePower.
To create the ad, the company brought in Macco Group to add lightning rods to the outdoor ad which would attract a bolt during the Thai storm season. Once the lightning struck, it triggered the ad to turn on its lights and a set of cameras to capture the spectacle.
The team used meteorological data to work out when the storm was likely to hit and, once the content was captured, the videos were shown on the Volvo Facebook page.
The storm hit in late September and since then the campaign has gathered pace on social media and local news outlets. According to GreynJ United, it has already picked up 10x more test drives and has sold 3x more than any other Thai Volvo campaign.
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Amazon surprises customers in 'motorised' coffee shop stunt

Thinkmodo sure loves its cafés.
The stunt-based viral video agency had an early hit with 2013’s “Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise,” in which a girl surprised unsuspecting patrons with some freaky telekinetic superpowers (to promote the horror movie Carrie). They also did a Spider-Man coffee-shop stunt earlier this year.
Now, Thinkmodo returns to a New York City coffee-shop setting for “The Grand Tour Café,” in which patrons once again get a big shock—this time in a good way. Because those aren’t your regular chairs, couches, coffee tables and ottomans.
Yes, it’s an Amazon prank promoting the return of its original motoring series The Grand Tour for Season 2 on Dec. 8. Thinkmodo tells us the video has over 2 million total Facebook views in 24 hours.
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WaterAid uses empty water buckets to raise awareness of child poverty

WaterAid has placed 800 empty water buckets along the River Thames to represent the number of children who die every day due to a lack of clean water.

The activation is part of the charity’s Untapped appeal which raises awareness of the one in nine children who don’t have clean water, and one in three without a “decent” toilet.
WaterAid says that each of the colourful buckets in the installation could hold enough drinking water for one child a week.
The work has been created by PR agency Tin Man with KGA supporting production.
Marcus Missen, director of fundraising and communications at WaterAid, said: “Every day, millions of children miss out on school and have no time to play with friends because they have to collect water for their families. Often, the water is so dirty it can kill them.”
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