Escape from #Alcatrapped! Norwegian Launches San Francisco Inspired Escape Room

An Alcatraz-inspired escape room has been has been created at Westfield London to promote low-cost airline Norwegian’s new flight route from London Gatwick to Oakland International Airport, San Francisco. The project is the first by MKTG UK, a Dentsu Aegis Network’s experiential global brand, formed by the merger of experience agency psLIVE and Dentsu Aegis Network Sports and Entertainment
From Friday 24 June to Sunday 26 June, the North Atrium of Westfield London will see teams of people challenged to breakout of an Alcatraz-inspired cell within 15 minutes. The seemingly empty cell will be dotted with San Francisco themed tips, clues and puzzles that will have to be solved in order to escape.
Teams who successfully “Escape from being Alcatrapped” will be in for a chance to win tickets on Norwegian’s award winning flights to San Francisco–Oakland and complementary tickets to visit Alcatraz Island.
Shoppers will be directed to the experience by out-of-home (OOH) media within Westfield, managed by MKTG UK’s sister company Posterscope, and a media partnership with Time Out managed by media agency Vizeum.
Michael Brown, managing director of brand experience, MKTG UK, said: “Escapism is a huge motivator for travel; this campaign not only highlights the new flight route offered by Norwegian but draws a tangible line on the theme of escapism. Not only does it challenge shoppers to escape the prison cell itself, but it helps them to imagine escaping the city for a holiday to San Francisco.
“In doing so, we’re bringing to life the exciting travel opportunities that are possible when you book a flight from London Gatwick to Oakland International Airport via Norwegian. It’s a fantastic first for us, which marks not only our work with Norwegian, but also gives the rest of the industry a taste of things to come from future MKTG UK projects.”
Nicole Richards, Marketing Manager, Norwegian UK said: “Escapism is a key motivator for people to travel. The alcatrapped! escape room project provides escapism with a twist whilst highlighting our new route from London Gatwick direct to San Francisco-Oakland from £179 one way.
Participants can enjoy an innovative, immersive experience for a chance to win a trip to San Francisco. We’re thrilled that it’s the first project of the new MKTG UK brand.”

Ladbrokes 'Brexit Barometer' for EU Referendum

This week saw Ladbrokes’ launch a tactical campaign for the EU Referendum. They wanted it to be displayed in prominent locations in the run up to the vote to display their ‘Brexit Barometer’. This was a betting barometer for the EU referendum which was based on live odds. The copy was updated throughout the day. Simple yet very topical!
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#whatmakesyoublush NARS Campaign To Promote New Store Opening

On Friday 10 and Saturday 11th June, NARS Cosmetics will be celebrating the opening of their new standalone store in Covent Garden. It wouldn’t be a celebration without a distribution of their number 1 Blush in the US, Orgasm Blush.
Using models dressed up like the woman featured on the Blush packaging, NARS will be distributing card samples of the limited edition range of their ‘hero’ product. There are a total of 20,000 samples to distribute across the 2 days with a further 2,000 vouchers to give out and with those engaged in the activities organized by the models at the store.
Created by Monsieur Nars himself in the late 90’s, the Orgasm Blush quickly became a sensational product, winning countless awards and becoming the #1 best-selling blush in the United States.  
With its peachy-pink and universal flattering shade, Orgasm Blush is suitable for all skin tones. Just enough to make you blush! And as we can never have enough of a good product, the original blush offered in stores is being customized to a limited-edition oversized compact, available to all buyers.
To make the experience memorable, all NARS enthusiasts are encouraged to Twitter and Instagram a picture throughout the day while using the hashtag #whatmakesyoublush on the Orgasm paddles distributed during the event.
The project was organised by MKTG UK, Dentsu Aegis Network’s experiential global brand.
nars 3 nars 4 nars2

New Campaign Shows Benefits of Being a BT Customer

BT ran an multi-format, multi environment campaign showcasing the benefits of being a BT Customer. This was to help ensure BT Customers that despite an annual price rise, there would be multiple benefits & reasons to believe that they would be getting more (see Reasons to Believe in brief).
The first burst was to launch the message across 48s and 6s to drive awareness and add stature with premium BL’s and iconic digital formats. We also included Rail and London Underground to target the commuter audiences with Rail D6s and LU LCDs. The second burst was ensure frequency of message was sustained with a heavy weight of 6s and impact was still delivered across the key cities with 96s and B96s. The campaign also utilized the new LDN network.
Haden Circus (4)Priory QWay os BM towards Masshouse (4)

BMW Uses Premium DOOH to Promote New i8

The BMW i8 is the most progressive sports car available today, with the consumption and emissions of a compact car combined with super car performance, the BMW i8 is revolutionizing its vehicle class. To showcase the introduction of the first colour variations since launch, BMW wanted to dominate key cities with premium DOOH sites – targeting affluent drivers with a halo effect reaching aspirational future drivers of super cars.
Euston Underpass Westbound - BMW i8 9thMay16 VIEW2FILL (002)
With 6 copy variations showcased across sites in sequence, such as the Cromination, this campaign has been catching they eye up and down the country.

Oreo Uses Dynamic Link Up Between DOOH and Snapchat

On Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15th May, an ordinary shopping location at Westfield Stratford City was transformed, as shoppers were encouraged to embrace their inner child and Open Up to the world around them by a unique display of flying Oreo cookies.
Using cutting edge motion sensor drone technology, a live camera feed and sound effects, the Oreo cookies emerged from their giant packet and performed a unique choreographed routine every 15 minutes to passing shoppers.
Snapchat users were also encouraged to ‘Open-up to wonder’ by using a Snapchat Lens to immerse themselves in the world of the flying Oreo. On Saturday participants were invited to send in their snaps for a chance to be featured on the iconic digital outdoor screens at Piccadilly Circus. The screens were updated throughout the day to feature as many members of the public as possible. The dynamic link-up between the prime London digital outdoor space and Snapchat was a media first.
The experience at Westfield, in alignment with the Snapchat Lens, was designed to support the latest on pack promotion from Oreo, which asks consumers to simply open up a packet of cookies to discover if they are one of the lucky winners to win a wonderfilled trip to New York, and other prizes. Consumers have until 31 May to pick up a pack for their chance to win.


Additional Credits: Media Agency: Carat
OOH: Posterscope, Liveposter
Consumer PR: Hill & Knowlton

Via: The Drum

Eurostar Use YouTube Data to Make Outdoor Campaigns More Effective

Rachel Gee reports for Marketing Week
Eurostar is one of the first brands to make use of new tech that allows marketers to change their outdoor campaigns based on real-time feedback on what has been successful on YouTube.
The campaign aims to promote its new fleet of e320 Eurostar trains to a new audience. But rather than looking just at the company’s normal ABC1 demographic in London and the South East, and first time travellers, Daniela Glynn-Jones, global brand and communications manager at Eurostar, said the company looked to target across four different audiences; families, youth and two types of business agents – commuter and office based.
Creative was then created and targeted based on these segments. However in a new move, the brand will use YouTube performance data to optimise its outdoor campaign, altering the creative and message depending on what performs well on the video network
Working with agency Posterscope, Eurostar will alter its outdoor plan by analysing the data and applying specific creative to individual panels or networks at certain times of day. It will initially run the activity for four days before looking at the YouTube data and seeing whether there is a particular creative that resonates with the trainline’s audience at a particular time of day. This will then be optimised and applied to the outdoor plan for the latter part of the campaign.
“This is the first time I’m aware that we’re targeting on such a panel by panel basis. I don’t think it has been done to this granularity before,” Glynn-Jones said.
The outdoor and YouTube link-up is part of a wider strategy at Eurostar to “create a real connection with customers”. Glynn-Jones said YouTube was an obvious place to advertise because so many people go to the site looking for travel inspiration.
Other channels are also being used to push the campaign, including Facebook, where Eurostar will target consumers based on their interests and their specific demographic, as well as their location.
“Our aim when we designed our new trains was to have our customers at the heart of everything we did. We wanted to practice what we preached, so we created a campaign that spoke to individual audiences and personalised the creative around those specific needs,” said Glynn-Jones.
“It also enables us to really target based on what a customer has actually seen, so which ad has resonated the most with them. For example if it is onboard entertainment that they have watched the whole way through we can then retarget with personalised direct response messaging, and convert them further along the line.
“We hope to obtain an awareness of our new trains, the benefits of travelling with Eurostar. There are many people even in London and the South East who have never travelled with Eurostar in the 21 years since we have been running. For years we have just spoken about destinations and where we can go. We haven’t really spoken about getting to the heart of the city as much,” Glynn-Jones added.

Posterscope Outdoor Campaign for DOOM Targets Gamers via Twitter

A highly sophisticated outdoor advertising campaign for new video game DOOM is using multiple data sources, including Twitter, to target gaming audiences. Posterscope and Target Media’s campaign for the game – a reboot of the popular 90s first person shooter franchise – identifies relevant Twitter conversations, retail history and out-of-home (OOH) planning data via ROUTE to identify the hotspots in which ads will best reach the target audience of gamers.
The multiple data sources used to plan the campaign are:

  • ROUTE: Using the OOH data available through ROUTE in conjunction with Posterscope’s proprietary app Planner, Posterscope is identifying the areas most likely to reach the broad target audience of males aged 18-34
  • RETAIL: Working with CACI, Posterscope is planning the campaign based on retail data, mapping posters against relevant data along with information on individuals who have purchased a video game at some point within the past 12 months
  • TWITTER: Posterscope and its partner Locomizer are listening to conversations on Twitter that are relevant to a gaming audience, and mapping these across its OOH network to identify hotspots and plan the best places for posters to reach this audience
  • FOLLOWERS: Posterscope and Locomizer are also mapping the campaign posters by identifying Twitter users who follow accounts relevant to the target audience, including @TheLadBible, @Unilad, @IGN and @GamesRadar

The OOH campaign itself is being amplified with geo-targeted mobile display ads via Posterscope’s partnership with xAd to deliver dynamic content such as a game trailer to target gamers’ mobile devices. These trailers drive footfall to nearby stores, and encourage recipients to share the trailers via social media.
The trailer being served to mobile audiences alongside the OOH campaign is embeddable and available here:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]KSZ4tSoumNk[/youtube]
Daniel Carey, business director at Posterscope, ““The campaign for this iconic, cult-classic game continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the OOH space. By putting social, mobile, behavioural and transactional data at its core, and by using some of the most advanced tools available for OOH planning, this campaign for DOOM will reach key audiences in relevant locations and at relevant times to directly influence purchase, awareness and social conversations”.
DOOM is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC from 13th May 2016.

Angry Birds Get Starring Roles at Madame Tussauds

This morning Madame Tussauds London gave guests an early preview of its first-ever digital experience, which opens this weekend, starring larger-than-life figures of larger-than-life Angry Birds, Red, Chuck and Bomb. Fans get to interact with the stars of the much anticipated The Angry Birds Movie (released on Friday May 13) digitally, with an animated  backdrop bringing to life key moments from the film, as well as physically, with the characters’ colourful new figures.
Developed in close collaboration with Rovio Entertainment and produced for the attraction by leading innovators in brand experiences, ps Live, the experience took six months to create. It will be in London from Saturday May 7 until July, before touring Madame Tussauds attractions worldwide.
“It’s a really exciting time for Madame Tussauds London and we are delighted to partner with Rovio Entertainment on our first digital experience,” commented Edward Fuller, General Manager of Madame Tussauds London. He continued: “The intention was to create a living, breathing space that gives guests a chance to interact with The Angry Birds Movie and the characters in a totally unique and fun way through animation and smart technology. The content will constantly change and guests will contribute to it, taking selfies with Red, Chuck and Bomb’s figures sharing them live. Judging by the reaction from our preview guests today, we think we have a hit on our hands.”
Nine year old, Malachi John, gave the experience a big thumbs up: “I play the Angry Birds games and cannot wait to see the movie. The trailer looks hilarious and the animations here are brilliant. The birds pop out and talk to you and you can put your picture in the backdrop. It’s so fun.”
Malachi’s eight year old friend, Kendra Mei, agreed: “I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s like you get to step into bits of the film. And I love the figures. Red looks so cross! I can’t get my arms round Bomb, but I’m nearly as tall as Chuck!”
Alex Lambeek, Chief Commercial Officer at Rovio Entertainment, commented: “It’s wonderful to be part of an exciting first for Madame Tussauds, which very much reflects Rovio’s mission to bridge the digital and physical worlds and bring the Angry Birds to life in new and stimulating ways. The experience is very playful, very colourful and a lot of fun. Guests get transported into key moments from the movie as the animation plays out around them, and Red, Chuck and Bomb have obviously achieved film star status now, with their own Madame Tussauds figures.”
The figures are modelled on The Angry Birds Movie characters and an artistic team of 20 brought them to life using extensive resource materials from the film to make them as authentic, colourful and angry as possible. Angriest of all is Red, who is portrayed complete with thunderous expression, his trademark thick black eyebrows in full frown.  Beside him is cheeky Chuck, resplendent with bright yellow plumage indulging in one of his favourite hobbies – posing – and in chilled out mode the explosive Bomb, stands at a mighty 6 feet tall (183cm).
Find out more about Angry Birds at Madame Tussauds,

Santander Uses DOOH and Real Time Content to Drive Traffic to Mortgage Calculator

Although Mortgages may not sound like the most glamorous of subjects, this activation – devised to create standout and engagement for this low-interest category –  certainly is.  The campaign, created by Posterscope, Liveposter, and Carat used digital Out-of-Home and real-time content to deliver high dwell times, relevant messaging and capitalise on customer mind-set to drive potential new customers to their mortgage calculator.
The two-week burst used Transvision screens across London Rail stations, and incorporated live data feeds which displayed average house prices for our commuters.  These were timed to coincide and match the next trains which were due to leave. This gave our commuter a great indicative view on how much the average house price would be for destinations that would fall into their journey. The display of the routes would be timed to show before the train departure to catch people who are looking at the departure boards.