Capital launches live London OOH music feed

Capital is streaming tracks played on the breakfast, mid-morning and drivetime shows on digital Outdoor Plus billboards, to persuade commuters and workers to switch over to the station.
The ads give real-time updates on every song played by the radio station to 14 Outdoor Plus sites throughout the capital, including the Euston Road Underpass and Vauxhall Cross.

Live feeds will track songs played during the Capital Breakfast Show with Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon, mid-mornings with Pandora and Drivetime with Greg Burns.

These are the busiest times on London’s roads, with the highest dwell times.

Max Buckland, the head of marketing for Capital, said: “Capital’s traffic and travel data supports our view that Outdoor Plus has the best coverage across the busiest traffic hotspots in London.

“Capital plays the biggest and best hits, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and with this campaign we can ensure commuters don’t miss out on their favourite music.”

The song information is relayed from Capital to the Outdoor Plus screens via CrowdScreen.

Jonathan Lewis, the managing director of Outdoor Plus, said: “Our digital offering is the most advanced in the market.

“This innovative campaign from Capital is a showcase for how brands can use digital out of home in a clever way to create truly engaging advertising.”

Via: BrandRepublic