Cancer Research UK challenge smokers to check their lungs at bus shelters

A new interactive campaign from Cancer Research UK is encouraging smokers to check their lung capacity at bus shelters across the country.
The bus shelter ad, called the “Breath Test”, carries the copy “Take a deep breath and blow here”, with two arrows pointing to a circle into which passersby are invited to puff.
The outdoor posters invite passersby to blow into a small tube to see how smoking has affected their breathing. The longer they are able to puff into it, the more of the below message is revealed:
“If you are a smoker you might not get much further than this line. However, with help from a Stop Smoking adviser is it much more likely that you will be able to quit for good, so you will have a greater chance of making it all the way down to this point here.”
You can view the video of the campaign in action here.
Via: PR Examples