Birmingham Airport makes £200,000 digital media investment

Advertisers at Birmingham Airport can now benefit from state-of-the-art premium displays following a major investment in digital media.
The high-impact displays were installed at key locations within the passenger terminals by digital communications expert ADXBA on behalf of Peel Advertising, which sells advertising at the UK’s seventh busiest airport. The digital media opportunities are mostly free-standing, although a number have been mounted on pillars within the international departure lounges and arrival areas.
The investment is already paying dividends, with brands including O2, EE and FedEx among the first to capitalize on the new premium opportunities.
Birmingham Airport caters for over 10 million passengers a year. Following a £40m runway extension, aircraft can now fly non-stop to the US west coast, South Africa and the Far East.
Matthew Carroll, Business Development and Operations Director at Peel Advertising, said: “This has been our first venture into digital media at Birmingham Airport. We worked closely with the airport and ADXBA to identify the best locations within the terminal buildings, and the new digital displays are fantastic with superb quality and screen definition. It’s a huge improvement on the existing digital range,  and gives our clients the opportunity to move to a premium product at a premium location within the airport. We will continue to invest in the advertising infrastructure at Birmingham Airport following the great success we have had so far.”
Richard Gill, Head of Commercial at Birmingham Airport, said: “Birmingham Airport is continually evolving its passenger experience and looking for new ways for brands to engage with our visitors. We are pleased to bring our advertising sites right up to date.”
Jim Kerr, Managing Director at ADXBA, said: “We have worked in partnership with Peel Advertising from the start, examining passenger profiles and helping them identify the best locations where screens will offer the best return on investment. This is a significant upgrade from the static media that was previously in place. Digital networks enable live content and dynamic data feeds that are tailored to the type of passenger and time of day. We actively monitor and maintain the screens and content, which gives the airport peace of mind and leaves Peel to do what they do best – selling the space.”
Last year, ADXBA installed state-of-the-art screens into Gatwick and Stansted Airports in one of the largest investments in advertising in UK airports this decade. This involved the latest high-spec screen formats and gave advertisers the opportunity to “dominate” the airport environments.
Via: Outdoor Media Centre