Beck'speriment challenge men to keep their partner in a shop

Shopping, possibly the longest and most excruciating time in a man’s life, especially if its not shopping for them. But would you be able keep your partner inside a clothing store for a whole hour to win a truck full of Beck’s beer?
The experiment was set up by Beck’s to highlight the benefit of compromising in a relationship, the quirky challenge was for men to keep their partner in a women’s designer clothing store for a whole hour. The rules were simple, they weren’t allowed to tell their partner about the challenge and if their partner left the shop before the hour they lost.
It’s a fantastic stunt that shows just what men would do for a truck full of beer and who wears the pants in the relationship.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]JC3j4CLZu4I[/youtube]
Via: PRexamples