Beatbox Tube Flashmob Performs 'Coughing Chorus' for Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Early morning Jubilee line commuters were treated to a coughing-based beatbox session to raise awareness of lung cancer.
The Beatbox Collective, whose members include a three-time UK beatboxing champion and a Grammy winner, gathered at West Hampstead and borded a train to mark Lung Cancer Awareness Month, which is November.
One person is diagnosed with lung cancer every 15 minutes in the UK.
“We want to make people aware that sometimes a cough is more than ‘just a cough’,” said Lorraine Dallas, who is director of information and support at the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.
“If you or a loved one has a persistent cough, you should have it checked out by your GP.”
The majority of lung cancer cases are diagnosed after it has spread, according to the charity. The five-year survival rate for those with advanced forms of the disease is as low as six per cent.
She added: “Working with the Beatbox Collective has allowed us to do something a bit different.
“We hope the performance will bring this message to new audiences and help improve UK survival rates.”
Rupert Oldridge of the Beatbox Collective added: “Coughing on the Tube is normally something we all endure and ignore so we decided to use that in our beatbox, along with the fact coughing persistently is one of the main signs of lung cancer.”
Visit the Roy Castle Foundation website to find out more about the signs and symptoms of lung cancer.
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Via: Evening Standard