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Hapa Sushi uses real Trump tweets so we 'eat well before it all ends'

Doomsday is coming at you hard and fast in Hapa Sushi’s new campaign reminding us to “eat well before it all ends.” The Colorado-based restaurant chain teamed up with TDA_Boulder to fuse Donald Trump with raw fish (a winning combination, apparently). Uncensored and unedited tweets from the president are appearing in outdoor placements, on social […]

Audi and BMW engage in a billboard war

BMW started a war with Audi by mounting an outdoor banner right in front of Audi’s showroom. The banner read, “It’s never too late to change your mind.” So Audi, responded with another banner right behind BMW’s one saying: “LOOOOL, you don’t change from a winning brand.” The “LOOOOL” showed in Audi’s banner was created using its rings in […]

Anya Hindmarch covers London with giant red balloons

Chubby Hearts over London is a public design project conceived by the fashion designer Anya Hindmarch as a love letter to the city. Starting on Valentine’s Day and continuing as a celebration of London Fashion Week, giant ChubbyHeart balloons will be suspended over (or sometimes squashed within) 29 famous London landmarks and prominent locations across the Capital. The […]

Cadbury’s Eggperiential Hunt hits Dublin

Cadbury’s Eggperiential Hunt hits Dundrum With the hunt for the white crème eggs really heating up and everyone scrambling to find one, Cadbury surprised the unsuspecting shoppers of Dundrum, Dublin with the opportunity to find the elusive eggs. On Saturday 3rd February, four hunts took place over the course of the day with each hunt […]