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Alfa Romeo remote control posters

Remote controlled poster units for Alfa Romeo literally followed shoppers through a shopping centre in this recent campaign bought by Posterscope in Belgium.  The copy read “There’s no getting away from an offer this good”. [youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Yh1lKbzg_lQ[/youtube]      

MINI Vending Machine Projection

The Media Merchants worked with Taxi 2 to create the MINI Vending Machine, the first ever fully interactive (via SMS) night projection in Canada. The MINI Vending Machine showcases the latest 2011 MINIs and passersby are able to interact with the projection by texting to a shortcode to select the MINI of their choice. Upon […]

MINI Countryman interactive car windows

How many people can fit inside the new MINI Countryman? In public spaces across the UK members of the public were invited to record video footage of themselves in a specially constructed booth at each location. Using the latest interactive digital installation technology, this was then uploaded and projected onto the inside of the MINI […]