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Interactive Coke ad uses emojis to wink and smile when you do

Few tech trends have exploded as fast in recent years as facial recognition and emojis, and now Coca-Cola is bringing them together for an interactive billboard. A digital ad housed in a Stockholm, Sweden, subway station lets passersby determine what emotions appear on the screen. In a nutshell, Coke’s emojis mimic the consumers’ facial expressions. The […]

McDonald’s creates flying car in drive thru stunt

McDonald’s has appeared to make a car fly through one of its drive thru outlets, in a stunt devised to promote its Good Times campaign. [youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]z1WLgWMLgSE[/youtube] The activity targeted a number of families driving through a McDonald’s car park in south west London to order their meals. As they went to pay, staff […]

Miele to launch pop-up launderette for Jeans for Genes day

Miele is opening a four-day launderette in central London on Friday (11 September) to demonstrate its support for annual fundraising event, Jeans for Genes day. The pop-up will offer a special denim washing service – Miele machines are said to have a unique denim cycle function, along with a number of free services, including manicures, […]

Lavazza to deliver coffee on Vespa scooters during Fashion Week

Italian coffee company, Lavazza is teaming up with Vespa to provide capital dwellers with their caffeine fix during the final days of London Fashion Week (LFW), which takes place from 18-22 September. In a bid to ensure that those who can’t attend LFW experience a slice of the action, Lavazza will be sending brand representatives […]

Exchange a photo for free food from Google

Free food is always fantastic. This is why Google decided to offer pedestrians free munchies. However, Google wanted to add some fun by asking people to show photos of something specific in exchange; the photos serve as “payment” for the free food. And so, Google Photos, in collaboration with innovation studio Deeplocal, launched the Google […]

Fantastic 4's human torch comes to life in this drone stunt

Is it a bird. It’s a plane. No wait, it’s just a human drone, on fire, flying through the sky. Viral video agency Thinkmodo, with its knack for pranks and crazy stunts, created its very own Human Torch to promote the latest Fantastic Four film. [youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]o3usKUcFVeY[/youtube] The human-shaped drone was admittedly unleashed in the […]

Non-profit Feeding America teams up with Snapchat to launch ‘Spoontember’

Non-profit food bank network Feeding America is launching a campaign that encourages supporters to take a selfie of themselves balancing a spoon on their nose along with hunger-related statistics. Called ‘Spoontember,’ the call-to-action is part of Feeding America’s ‘hunger action month’ that aims to educate Americans that one in six people in the US are […]

Diet Coke retweets its biggest fans in extravagant ways

Diet Coke has taken a grand new approach to retweeting love notes from fans. Instead of just hitting a button on Twitter, it’s retweeting the tweets out in the real world—in beautifully designed ads on billboards, custom jewelry, framed artwork, magazine pages and more. The surprise RTs will be tailored to each individual tweet. The […]

Interactive shop window provides multilingual support for shoppers

AINZ&TULPE, the largest cosmetics shop in Japan, has created “Look”, an interactive shop window experience providing multilingual support for shoppers looking for a make-up experience. Over 10 million people from around the world visit Tokyo each year. Cosmetics are one of the top three items that they purchase and take home. However, as only 3% […]