Apple Music outdoor ad campaign goes interactive with Shazam

Apple has begun to roll out new, interactive Apple Music posters that work with the Shazam iOS app to link iPhone owners directly to the featured artist’s page in Apple Music.
The new ads are aesthetically similar to the larger billboards Apple has been placing around the world in recent weeks, with a stylised Apple Music logo overlaid atop an artist’s head-shot. Only a small Shazam logo in the lower-left corner differentiates the interactive ads.
Scanning the ad with Shazam’s image functionality will link the user directly to that artist’s page in Apple Music. In our case, the poster featured On The Regular singer Shamir.
The ads mark another evolution in Apple’s partnership with Shazam, which expanded with the release of iOS 8. Siri can now identify songs via Shazam, with commands like “What song is this?”, “What is currently playing?”, or “Name that tune.”
Source: Apple Insider