Adshel Bus Shelters Gift-Wrapped For Australia Post’s Load&Go

Australia Post is promoting its Load&Go gift card for Christmas by gift-wrapping  selected Adshel bus shelters in Melbourne and Brisbane, and utilising Shazam’s direct online purchase solution in a striking m-commerce campaign.
The campaign, which will see bus shelters gift wrapped for Christmas, encourages commuters to directly purchase a Load&Go gift card by ‘Shazaming’ the ad through its in-app camera. Once Shazamed, they will be taken directly to an online page through Australia Post where they can purchase a gift card.
Australia Post’s out-of-home specialist Posterscope MD Joe Copley said, “Our Melbourne team have done a fantastic job with this project, in collaboration with Australia Post, Dentsu Mitchell, Adshel, GPY&R and Shazam. It is great to see an idea come to life so relevant for consumer needs at this time of year, and enabled by innovation that makes interaction and fulfilment easy.”
Dentsu Mitchell’s client service director Eliza Golub added, “We used Adshel for this Christmas campaign to capture consumers in high dwell environments. Adshel provided both the setting as well as broad reach to target last minute shoppers looking for the perfect Christmas gift.
“In addition to this, Adshel provided a platform for us to integrate the interactive Shazam messaging allowing consumers to purchase a Load&Go card immediately, capitalising on the limited down time consumers have in the lead up to Christmas.”
Adshel’s sales and marketing director, David Roddick said, “Adshel’s network of advertising locations are all at eye level and can be fully immersive, which enables greater user engagement and interaction.
“Our in-house production team has once again created an innovative, fun and practical way to bring the Australia Post message to life and to offer an end-to-end purchase experience for the consumer.”
The campaign is appearing exclusively on Adshel outdoor panels in Melbourne and Brisbane until 13 December.
The Shazam direct purchase joins a number of other technological functionalities Adshel can provide advertisers including beacons, QR code capabilities, face recognition and live location services.
Via: B and T