adidas Search for the Boss in New Campaign

Since Saturday 13th, psLIVE have been touring the adidas ‘Boss Everyone’ trailer. The tour will be showcasing the new Ace 16 football boots, giving 14-19 year olds the opportunity to try out a pair and put their skills to the test. Each participant will be fed five footballs, fired at them from a football cannon. Hanging from the crossbar of the goal will be two tyres in each corner and a gong in the middle, acting as targets for the players. The activity will be filmed and by the time the players have exchanged their football boots, an edited cut of their performance will be playing on a screen in the trailer. A further 15s edit for them to share on social media will also be whatsapped to them shortly after.  So far, the campaign has been a huge success; psLIVE smashing the KPI of 70 participants per location.